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AI Ethics isn’t just something we should be aware of – it is a movement according to Gaurav Rao from AtScale. Gaurav says “To me AI Ethics is a movement. and the reason why I define it as a movement is I think it has two distinct parts. There’s technical frameworks that are continuing to evolve, and there’s societal best practices, and both of these are put in conjunction to drive the responsible use of AI.

Gaurav is EVP & GM of Machine Learning and AI at AtScale and has been working in the AI space for a long time, and he really knows this topic. 

This episode is a really interesting one, as it peels away the layers of AI and ethics and challenges you to think about how your internal processes are structured to support the ethical use of AI.

Bad decisions made by AI may have a limited impact when it comes to song choices, but when reviewing who might get a home loan or health insurance, it could have far-reaching societal implications.

Gaurav argues that the issue of AI Ethics goes beyond the risk and legal departments and is something that your marketing and sales teams should be looking at now.

As always, the Actionable Futurist Podcast show also provides actionable advice you can put into place today and next week.

We discussed a range of issues related to AI and ethics including:

  • Ethical considerations when developing AI systems and models
  • The implications of bad decisions when AI is involved
  • The role of regulation and AI ethics
  • The ethical challenges Governments face with AI
  • How can we trust AI systems
  • Involving the Chief Risk Officer in AI discussions
  • Where to go to learn more about ethics AI issues

Many of my clients have set up AI working groups to share best practices across departments because AI is now no longer the domain of the tech teams, it is permeating every area of every company.

With AI in the news on a daily basis, you need to consider the ethical use of AI in your business, so set aside 35 minutes this week and listen to this episode.

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