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Baby Boomers, Generation X, Gen Y, Millennials, Gen Z and now Gen Alpha. Is it right to define whole generations with a letter, and are we all that different?

How can understanding generational differences pave the way for a successful future in the workforce, and how will Generative AI impact different generations?

To answer these questions and more, I spoke with Social Researcher Mark McCrindle, who has spent his career examining each generation and how technology and societal issues affect each type.

In this far-ranging discussion, we also covered:

  • Putting labels on generations
  • How technology impacts each generation
  • Technology adoption across the generations
  • Encouraging older generations to become digitally curious
  • Generational Impact on Workforce Dynamics
  • The Generations and the future of work
  • The impact of hybrid working in each generation.
  • Hybrid Work, Employee Experience
  • Where does wellness fit into the modern workplace?
  • The importance of “employee experience”
  • Future Employment Culture and Impact
  • The need for re-skilling the workforce
  • The impact of Generative AI on the workforce
  • Enterprise GPT impacts
  • Advice for leaders to attract and retain talent
  • What is the future of work and how do we get there?
  • Three actionable tips to better understand the changing workforce

If you want to understand how technology is likely to affect each generation and what is the future of work, then this episode is for you.

Join us as we discuss the generational impact of technology on society and the workplace with Mark McCrindle, founder and principal of McCrindle Research. Prepare to uncover insights into how generational labels define us, and the crucial role they play in shaping workforce dynamics.

We’ll delve into the importance of bridging the gap between young and experienced employees, as well as the future of hybrid work and the significance of employee experience in retaining top talent. Learn how bringing together diverse generations within the workplace creates a level playing field, fosters understanding, and ultimately prepares organizations for the challenges ahead.

Mark shares his wisdom on the importance of fostering organizational culture and investing in training and development to attract, retain, and empower the best talent.

Don’t miss this engaging conversation with Mark McCrindle, where we uncover the mysteries of generational impact, technology, and the future of work in a world of Generative AI.

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