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We all know that ethics are important in AI, but beyond doing the right thing, are we actually focusing on the things that matter with the current AI tools?

While ChatGPT can write you an analysis of a Shakespeare play to help you pass the semester, should AI be used for more pressing world problems – and are we building AI on the wrong paradigm?

AI Ethicist Stephanie Antonian thinks so. I first met Stephanie at a recent Cadastra event around e-commerce, and over networking drinks, we debated these points about AI.

Having worked for Accenture, Google, DeepMind and GoogleX, she has been thinking about the role of AI in humanity for some time.

She has written a series of essays, the latest one titled: “On Generative AI: Denying the Necessary Limits of Knowledge” and asks the question: What if uncertainty was the secret to advancing knowledge?

Her thinking sparked my curiosity, so a few weeks ago, I packed my portable podcast recorder and we went for a 90-minute walk around London’s Regent’s Park to discuss these issues and more.

We covered a lot of ground (literally around 4 kilometres) and one phrase that captivated me was “AI is a love letter to humanity”.

We explore this and much more in this fascinating episode including:

  • How Stephanie got started in AI Ethics
  • Stephanie’s experience with AI
  • The biggest issue in AI Ethics at the moment
  • Dealing with algorithmic bias
  • The issue with AI regulation
  • Highlights of working for Google, Deep Mind and X
  • Advice for graduates working in tech
  • How can AI be used for good?
  • Dealing with the hype around Generative AI and ChatGPT
  • Humanity’s problem of fact vs fiction
  • The problem with ChatGPT
  • Open-sourcing the truth to train AI
  • Should AI development be halted?
  • Stephanie’s essays
  • Love and AI
  • The role of empathy in AI
  • The link between AI and self-worth
  • The hysteria in the AI industry
  • Are we building AI on the wrong paradigm?
  • The opportunity for AI
  • The need for ethics and integrity in AI
  • Where will the next phase of positive innovation come from?
  • AI’s love letter to humanity
  • Will AI take our jobs?
  • How does AI compare to previous innovations?
  • Are you worried about AI?
  • Three actionable tips to better understanding AI opportunities & threats

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