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How will AI shape the future of marketing and advertising? Join us for a thought-provoking discussion with our guest, Isabel Perry, VP of Emerging Technology at DEPT, as we explore the role of AI and its impact on various industries. Isabel shares valuable insights on how her background in architecture has prepared her for the challenges of working with cutting-edge technology and how DEPT’s unique approach helps brands stay ahead of the competition throughout their digital customer journey.

We dive deep into the myths and opportunities surrounding AI, the potential societal impacts of augmented reality, and the power of recall in AI-driven conversation management. Listen as Isabel discusses the ethical issues related to AI and content creation, the need for industry bodies to assist regulators, and the potential of AI to provide equal advantages for everyone.

Finally, we examine the future of AI in marketing and how individuals and businesses can stay updated with the latest technology. Discover the skills needed for the advertising and marketing intern of the future and the potential of AI tools in streamlining the creative process.

Join us for this enlightening conversation with Isabel Perry that covers everything from AI ethics to the future of marketing.

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