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Can machines really think like humans? What is the future of General Artificial Intelligence (GAI) when machines more closely resemble human behaviour than ever before?

In this episode, Peter unveils his journey into the realm of General Artificial Intelligence (GAI) and his vision of machines possessing the ability to think, learn, and reason like humans. We look at the intricacies of General AI and how it sets itself apart from narrow AI.

The episode also looks at how companies are tackling the immense challenges associated with crafting machines with general intelligence – from understanding the significance of concept formation in artificial general intelligence to discussing the role of quantum computing and resources in AI development.

Peter also provided his views on the potential of machines developing empathy and the role of AI in ethical and moral debates, and answers the questions I’ve always wanted to ask – can AI feel empathy and love?

Finally, we take a peek into the future as Peter shares how is harnessing the power of conversational AI to revolutionize personalised experiences.

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Peter Voss is the world’s foremost authority in Artificial General Intelligence. He coined the term ‘AGI’ in 2001 and published a book on Artificial General Intelligence in 2002. 

He is a Serial AI entrepreneur, technology innovator who has for the past 20 years been dedicated to advancing Artificial General Intelligence. Peter Voss’ careers include being an entrepreneur, engineer and scientist. 

His experience includes founding and growing a technology company from zero to a 400-person IPO. For the past 20 years, his focus has been on developing AGI (artificial general intelligence). In 2008 Peter founded Smart Action Company, which offers the only call automation solution powered by an AGI engine. 

He is now CEO & Chief Scientist at Inc., which is developing and selling increasingly advanced AGI systems for large enterprise customers. Peter also has a keen interest in the inter-relationship between philosophy, psychology, ethics, futurism, and computer science.