A question I’m often asked is if AI has been around for more than 60 years then why is it now so popular?

To answer this and more I’ve developed a new talk titled “From Turing to Transformers: The Unfolding AI Revolution” that I will be presenting at the Proofpoint “Break The Attack Chain” Roadshow in London next month.

More on the Proofpoint Roadshow

In an age of increasingly complex security threats and growing compliance risks, one thing remains the same: attackers are after people.

Attackers are constantly developing their techniques – with attacks becoming more complex, bolder and better integrated into third-party systems over time.

More than ever, companies must be prepared to break possible attack chains.

The Proofpoint “Break The Attack Chain” Roadshow will look at how to reduce and manage these threats.

The Proofpoint team will be speaking about their latest trends and solutions to detect and mitigate cyberattacks, and my opening keynote will help set the stage as to why AI has become so popular and how we got here from the days of Alan Turing to the revolutionary Transformer models being used to develop large language models that power platforms such as ChatGPT, Google Bard and Bing Chat.