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In the race to dominate Al we have seen our data privacy, democracy, and even our human rights impacted. 

To understand what brands and consumers need to do to fight back, I spoke with Anton Christodoulou, Group Chief Technology Officer at leading experiential design company, Imagination and co-founder of the new Trust 3.0 initiative.

The Trust 3.0 initiative is a Data Privacy Advocacy Group convening the brightest minds in privacy, AI, and technology to champion responsible innovation for a safer society.

I’m proud to say that I’m also a part of this timely initiative.

Anton is responsible for overseeing Imagination’s global technology strategy, project and service delivery execution; to deliver immersive, engaging and measurable experiences to clients including Mastercard, Ford, Major League Baseball, Jaguar Land Rover and Shell. 

I started our discussion by asking Anton more about Trust 3.0 and why it has been set up.

This episode looks at its implications on data privacy for consumers and businesses and offers a deep dive into the necessity of transparency, security, and fair exchange of value in handling customer data.

We also discuss how businesses can leverage this to promote trust and security.

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