On 28 November in London at the Dell Technologies Forum, not only will you hear about key tech trends for your business, Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker will speak about “Through the mirror: what tech tells us about people”.

Keynotes and sessions include:

How generative AI accelerates our ideas with Steve Young, UK General Manager & Senior Vice-President, Dell Technologies

From measurement to magic: exploring the data behind our creative decisions with Anastasia Leng, Founder and CEO of CreativeX

Framing the world: bringing ideas to life with Michael Stein, Chief Technology Officer, Framestore

Charlie’s session is the one I’m most looking forward to and will help answer the question: what happens when technology and humanity don’t align?

The multi-Emmy award-winning anthology series Black Mirror is a show that shines a spotlight on the fascinating relationship between people and technology and how the choices we make shape our future world.

At Black Mirror’s heart is a message that resonates with audiences around the world, as one of Netflix’s most streamed programmes of all time: technology is a remarkable catalyst for change.

Charlie will discuss what Black Mirror’s success tells us about our relationship with technology.

Can viewers’ favourite episodes give us an insight into the innovations that people are most excited about? How do you write about a future human-technology partnership that is only just beginning to unfold? And how do we leverage the power we have, to choose tech for good?

I interviewed Steve Young on a recent episode of the podcast, and below is his quick pitch as to why you should be there.

Sign up via podc.st/dell-forum, and I hope to see you there.