Flicking through the latest The Economist “The World Ahead 2024” from Tom Standage and team, I was drawn to an article from Rachana Shanbhogue, which suggested that Generative AI may experience slow adoption.

For the last three months or so, every talk (apart from my LinkedIn Masterclass) has been on AI. At the beginning of every talk, I ask a number of “Digitally Curious” questions, one of them being “Have you played with ChatGPT”. I then ask the audience who uses it daily, and most participants resume their seats – as you can see in the short video above from the Discover Global Network Keynote I performed in Dubai last October.

While most people reading this post will have experimented with Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, many of us haven’t worked out how to integrate it into our daily workflow.

Co-Pilot initiatives from companies such as Microsoft that have started to integrate ChatGPT into Microsoft 365 products such as Word and Outlook will help. Still, if you’re not using these tools, and as Rachana’s article suggests, it may be a while before we see deeper integration of these tools into our workplace apps.

Have you worked out how to leverage Generative AI into your daily workflow?