Flicking through Wired Magazine over the weekend, I was reading about the history of AI, from Dr Alan Turing in 1950 to the modern-day transformers that power ChatGPT, and it prompted me to put together the short video you see above, which shows a montage of me presenting this story over the last few months in locations as varied as Twickenham Stadium to Dubai.

The last quarter has been my busiest yet, thanks to the interest in the capabilities and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence.

Featured in the video, you will see me performing at

The Fedessa Annual Conference in Rotterdam
Vistage Executive Summit in Manchester
The Cook Society in London
Discover Global Network in Dubai
Federated Hermes at the RSA In London
The Quorum Network in London
Proofpoint Roadshow at Twickenham Stadium
Duke Corporate Education

As the year winds down and you’re planning your 2024, consider having me come and brief your board and key clients or inspire your team at your new year kick-off.

Thanks to all those clients who booked me for these events and more in 2023, especially:

Rennie Schafer – FEDESSA – Federation of European Self Storage Associations

Samantha Oddie and Beth Lovell at Vistage UK

Louise Mulley and Marina Kinsman at the Cook Society

Ricardo Leite and Linda Paulus at Discover Global Network

Amy D’Eugenio, Leon Kamhi and Bruce Duguid at Federated Hermes EOS

Janine Stow and Sophie de Schwarzburg-Gunther-Gunther at The Quorum Network

Kirsty Miall and Kent Breaux at Proofpoint

James Cross and Milcah Iwisi at Duke Corporate Education

And as always, Michael Levey and the team at Speaking Office who keep this show on the road – literally!