Here are some of my Futurist predictions about what we’d like to see from AI in 2024.

We’re likely to see more industry-specific large language models emerge, and a good example of this is what Luminance is doing in the legal space.

We’ll see existing productivity tools supercharged by generative AI, and another good example here is

Chat GPT will have more competitors beyond the ones we’re seeing right now, such as Bard from Google, Meta’s large language model meta AI, and existing competitors, Jasper and Claude.

We’ll see more open-source examples that focus on specific industries and market segments.

We’ll see more examples of voice cloning from companies such as 11 Labs, and video cloning will get closer and closer to the real thing.

The EU’s AI act will come into force gradually, and I believe it will become a template for other governments and also a good example of how technology will always leapfrog the legislators.

Other governments will try to tame the spread of AI and will realise that a more dynamic way of legislating new technologies and platforms is required.

Training of AI systems will become easier. And we may finally see the emergence of a true AI-powered personal assistant that can take care of all the minutiae in our lives, like renewing insurance and planning our finances without us ever clicking a button.

In many ways, 2024 will be a turning point for AI, and we’ll start to see companies increase revenue, experience improved efficiencies, and ultimately delight customers.

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