It’s fair to say that 2023 has been the year for AI on so many levels. I’ve done nothing all year except for speaking to clients around the world about the opportunities for AI.

So if 2023 was the year of talking about AI, 2024 needs to be the year you put it into action.

When I ask my audience who has played with AI tools such as ChatGPT, almost all hands go up, but when I ask who has integrated it into their daily workflow, almost all hands go down.

In 2024, we’ll see the tools you use every day, such as Microsoft Word and Outlook, be supercharged with AI co-pilots.

Other online tools we use to get work done will be AI-powered, but do you know how to use these tools for best effect?

Have you worked out how Generative AI tools can save you hundreds of hours a year?

Just as many clients spent 2023 talking about AI and debating where they might deploy these tools in their business, I predict that those companies that haven’t started to implement AI programs of some sort in 2024 will get left behind.

There is an easy answer to this.

I can help you and your teams and your clients in a number of ways:

Firstly, I can provide an impactful 90-minute session on AI, complete with a Q&A session and leave the audience with actionable items for next week.

Another alternative is a half or full-day AI masterclass where we look at the opportunities and impacts of AI, then work closely with small groups to develop a proof of concept project that can be rapidly put into place.

I can also provide a session at your 2024 kick-off to get your teams energised about AI and how it can help you personally as well as in your business.

As the Actionable Futurist, you know that you will come away with items that you can immediately act upon, not just a fluffy view of how things might look, but a detailed plan for you to work on that week.

As someone who trained as an engineer and has worked for some huge technology companies such as British Aerospace, Telstra and IBM, I know how to ensure you can leverage new technologies such as AI in your everyday workflows.

So what are you waiting for?

Have a look around here to see what previous clients have read, watch actual footage of me on stage around the world, listen to my podcast episodes on new technologies and AI, then make an enquiry to see how I can help you put your AI plans into action in 2024.