When you’re a professional public speaker, you’re only as good as your last gig. As such, having good-quality footage of talks worldwide is vital for clients to make an informed decision. Many here already know that I’m probably the only speaker on the planet who transports a 4K professional video camera to every talk and records it from the back of the room.

Fortunately, in 2023, I also secured amazing footage from Vistage UK, FEDESSA – Federation of European Self Storage Associations, AIPC and Discover Global Network.

In the case of the Discover event in Dubai last October, Nik Moore from Mindset Communications went above and beyond and provided me with some great tracking shots of me presenting, which made it to the front page of my website.

To help sell me in as a potential speaker, I want clients to see replays of all my talks in different cities with different audiences talking about different topics to enable them to make an informed choice about hiring me.

One of the best pieces of feedback I received was a few years ago when I asked a client why they had hired me when they were given a choice of a number of other Futurists from the speaker bureau that they’d engaged.

He said he sent the 5 showreel videos to “three of the most cynical people in the company, and they all chose you. They said your energy shone through on the video”.

I film, edit, and produce my own videos from hundreds of hours of footage from over 550 talks, allowing me to showcase the best of my presenting style and allow clients to review me for their next event.

The video above appears on the front page of my website and is the first thing clients see when they visit.

If your business relies on showing clients your product before making a purchase decision, how are you ensuring they see the best of what you offer?