What do Abu Dhabi, Luxembourg, The Cayman Islands, Dubai, Rotterdam, Newcastle, Twickenham Stadium, Manchester, London and Marbella all have in common?

I’ve been asked to speak about AI in all these locations, and in every case, my audiences are excited and in some cases a little frightened about the prospects of AI, but they all are grappling with what to do next.

They’ve all played with ChatGPT, but are unsure about how to integrate AI into their daily workloads.

In each case, I was able to clearly explain what AI is, what it isn’t and suggest a range of questions they should be asking their teams and vendors.

In a number of cases, we co-created a plan to develop an AI proof of concept there and then.

As someone who has been involved with technology all my life, trained as an Engineer and have worked in some of the world’s largest technology companies, you know that you will leave my session with an action plan for next week, enabling you, your teams and your clients to take full advantage of the promise of AI.

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