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This podcast episode features an interview with Darshan Chandarana and Julia Howes from PwC about opportunities in enterprise AI. 

They discussed AI adoption across industries, with financial services and retail leading the way, and Darshan emphasised the importance of responsible AI and understanding societal impacts.

Julia discussed the challenges of AI adoption like determining value and data privacy issues. 

Julia gave examples where Microsoft’s Copilot AI is helping non-native English speakers and explains how the future of work with AI could involve remote working and creativity hubs. 

Emerging technologies like augmented reality are also discussed, and our guests encourage experimenting with AI, embracing change, and coordinating cross-functional teams to unlock value from enterprise AI.

We also discussed:

  • Industries benefiting the most from Gen AI
  • Responsible AI in practice
  • Getting started with AI
  • Why GenAI needs an intelligent approach to adoption
  • PWCs own tool – ChatPWC
  • What are customers asking about Generative AI?
  • What are AI Co-Pilots?
  • AI Strategy and Execution Challenges
  • The need for an AI Council to help co-ordinate activities
  • What do clients need to look out for with AI projects?
  • Common challenges faced in integrating AI
  • Safe, short experiments
  • AI Applications and Data Quality
  • The quick wins for AI projects
  • The need for quality AI-ready data
  • Without good data, there is no good AI
  • Industry-specific LLM’s
  • AI Industry Trends and Applications
  • The most unique problems solved by AI
  • Podcast tip – using AI for language translation
  • Preparing the workforce for Gen AI
  • Addressing employee issues around AI deployments
  • Future Work Trends and Emerging Tech
  • The need for critical thinking in the age of AI
  • The future of work under AI
  • Emerging technologies to watch
  • How to stay informed on new technologies
  • 3 actionable tips to prepare for Enterprise AI

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