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24 April 2018 @ 09:30 – 12:45 Europe/London Timezone
30 Euston Square
30 Euston Square
Kings Cross, London NW1 2FB

Andrew presented on his premier topic: “Disrupt or be Disrupted” on 24th April at 30 Euston Square as part of a half-day workshop hosted by GovNews and Panlogic to discuss challenges facing the public sector.

The event is titled: “The Evolution in Public Sector Guidance: Engage, Connect and Inspire”.

The event explored the following topics:

Disrupt or be Disrupted: Andrew Grill, Actionable Futurist and former Global Managing Partner at IBM will speak about:

  • How can organisations minimise disruptive events from occurring
  • How to use innovation to prevent those that do occur
  • The importance of having standards and processes in place

From 8000 Documents to 1 Online Guidance: Seve Beakhust, Programme Manager, UK Fire and Rescue Service will speak about:

  • Why did we do this?
  • The top three challenges and how they were overcome
  • A rundown of the system’s success

Operational Guidance and Its Importance to Your Organisation: Doc Holliday, Portfolio Manager – Central Programme Office, UK fire and rescue service will speak about:

  • The history of the National Operational Guidance change programme
  • Lessons learnt in setting up the change programme
  • Key points learnt in moving to a dynamic operational guidance platform