18 June 2015 @ 18:30 – 21:30 Europe/London Timezone
The Trampery - Publicis Old Street
239 Old St
London EC1V 9EY

dotlondon-logoIt’s all in the name – The importance of having the right online brand identity.

Your corporate identity is the ultimate be-all and end-all of your company. But what about your online brand identity? Is it an extension of your already established identity or is it a totally different part of your plan? Is it your domain name, your social media profile or what your website looks like? How does it fit into your big plans?

The panel included Nick Leech, Group Marketing Director at leading domain name registrars, Host Europe Group, and Andrew Grill, Global Managing Partner at IBM Social. They discussed what makes an online brand identity effective and how it can help your company grow, looking at key issues such as:

  • keeping it fresh, engaging and worth talking about
  • Keeping your identity secure to avoid anyone pretending to be you and how to deal withe derogatory comments on your website that might affect your online reputation
  • Thinking about which social media platforms best suit your brand strategy
  • Ensuring that it fits your business and branding strategy

It is one thing having an online brand identity, but it is another thing keeping it consistent across all platforms, reflecting your company’s honesty and trustworthiness to attract new customers and retain your current ones.

The panel discussion with the audience was followed by a networking session and the chance to meet some leading Dot Londoners.

Andrew Grill is a Dot London ambassador and has held the andrew.london domain since launch in 2014.