24 March 2016 @ 08:00 – 09:00 Europe/London Timezone
Evoluon Eindhoven
Noord Brabantlaan 1A
5652 LA Eindhoven

Andrew spoke on “engaging your workforce”.

Topics covered included:

  • How the future of work will be around collaboration, culture and coaching
  • Millennial myths and getting away from the stereotype
  • How Millennials use and drive adoption of collaboration tools in the workplace
  • How Millennials want to be mentored and managed and what it means for those at Engage
  • Empowering Millennials with collaboration tools
  • How IBM’s Millennials disrupt and drive transformation with its own Millennial Corps
  • What developers and users of IBM’s collaboration tools need to be aware of with Millennials
  • How Millennials are changing the culture of organisations