16 December 2016 @ 08:30 – 09:30 Europe/London Timezone
Ruislip High Auditorium
Sidmouth Dr
Ruislip HA4 0BY

In late 2016, Andrew joined the Speakers for Schools program. Started by former BBC (now ITV) Political Commentator, Robert Peston, Speakers for Schools is a UK charity launched in 2011 helping state schools inspire their students and broaden horizons through access to the insights, experiences and expertise of today’s leading figures through free talks and more — free of charge.

Andrew’s first Speakers 4 Schools event was at Ruislip High School on December 16th 2016, where he delivered a talk titled “Rising above the noise  – how to stand out in a digital world”. The talk was designed to inspire the entire group of 6th formers on how they can get ahead in their careers using social, the power of their own social brand and what employers look for in graduates.

Feedback overheard at the end of the talk included:

  • “it was very engaging and linked to their future employment potential”
  • “highlights included Andrew’s discussion on the role of digital media and your ‘personal brand’ – they found it very interesting and a real eye-opener”
  • “the “best talk from an external speaker talk yet!”
  • “the best talk of the year”