29 July 2019 all-day Europe/London Timezone

In Episode 6 we speak with the CEO of Integral Communications Group Ethan McCarty and answer the question “What’s the Future of … Employee Communication?”.

A former journalist, Ethan joined IBM in early 2000 to manage the web presence for IBM’s $6 billion a year research division, he also co-authored their groundbreaking blogging guidelines, launched IBM’s intranet podcasting platform and worked on IBM’s award-winning annual report to shareholders.

He is now the CEO of Integral Communications Group, a consulting firm specializing in employee activation, as well as a masters-level lecturer on digital media and employee communications for Columbia University.

We spoke to Ethan from New York where he lives and works.

We discussed a range of topics relevant to companies of any size including:

  • Why Ethan started an employee activation company
  • Internal vs External communications
  • Harnessing your external network
  • Employee Advocacy beyond: “Please retweet this”
  • How do you measure employee engagement?
  • Helping attract new talent to the firm
  • Using communication as a recruitment tool
  • How do you “activate” employees?
  • Stop “interruption messaging”
  • Culture and purpose
  • Personal brand vs company brand
  • Renting your brand to an organisation
  • Eminence vs advocacy
  • Showing up with your network
  • Design your value proposition to be network permeable
  • Getting your digital tools ready
  • What 3 things can you do next week to start an employee engagement program?
  • 1. Start talking with employees
  • 2. Reinspect the measures of our work
  • 3. Inspect your practice of iteration
  • The Agile Manifesto

You can read all the show notes on the Episode page.

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