Better Connected: FE fundinfo Client Conference: UK Session

  • 29 April 2021

Andrew presented an inspirational keynote to FE fundinfo clients who are leaders in marketing, sales and distribution within the asset management community in the UK titled: Going Digital – promoting and distributing complex financial products in a digital world.

The last 12 months have massively impacted how we market and sell our products and driven the rapid adoption of new digital tools and channels. How do we best adapt these and leverage our network connectivity between fund managers and distributors?

The Actionable Futurist® and former IBM Global Managing Partner Andrew Grill provided insights into how other B2B industries leverage technology and how to accelerate your plans.

He looked at what’s new, what’s next and provided a view on how we can thrive in a digital-first world, as well as look at key trends that will impact the industry. He will also cover why asset managers and fund distributors must become digitally curious, create an excellent digital first impression and disrupt themselves before they are disrupted.

He will be discussing digitalisation in the asset management, wealth management, and financial services industries and how it impacts connectivity with customers, peers, competitors and partners.

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