Digital disruption is happening now, but what does it mean for you and your business?

When refreshing this talk for 2023, I’m seeing a fundamental shift in the types of disruptive technologies my clients need to be aware of as they stay “digitally curious”.

In this short video, I look at the new areas of Generative AI, the evolution of workplace collaboration, the need for digital literacy and the emergence of new tools to make data easier to understand.

I also look at the emergence of “passwordless” access, and Extended Detection and Response or XDR tools.

Finally, I take a look at the rise of Fusion teams.

The question I ask at end of this talk is, “Will you disrupt or be disrupted?”

In my keynote on this topic, which can range from 30 – 50 minutes depending on your requirements, I cover these and many more disruptive technologies.

In 2023 will you disrupt or be disrupted?

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As a leading keynote presenter on disruption, Andrew’s talk can be adapted to suit different industries with practical and relevant examples.