Are you digitally curious®?

This is a question I’ve been asking my audiences at the start of every talk for some time now. I get the audience on their feet and ask them 6 simple questions about being digitally curious®.

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How many of these can you say you are already doing?

These 6 things are simple to do and can also determine if you are truly digitally curious®.

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My mantra for 30 years has been, “To get digital, you need to BE digital”.

In my talks, I throw up a slide full of jargon and ask my audience to take a picture and then understand how many of these they truly understand and how many are new to them.As the Actionable Futurist, let me suggest some areas beyond those terms on the slide.

Blockchain – also called distributed ledger technology- has huge promise in the corporate world, so it is important that you understand the technology’s fundamentals and what it can, and, more importantly, cannot do.

Web 3 and the metaverse – what’s all the hype about, and where might these technologies impact my business?

Cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens – just a fad or something that has real promise?

Ambient Technologies – beyond talking to our tech with a “hey Siri” or “Alexa …” what happens when we’re being listened to all the time?

Digital Identity – how do we prove who we are, and how can we own our own digital identity? We’re now familiar with the “blue tick” on Twitter that used to be a sign that a person was real, but what about when LinkedIn allows our employer to upload to our own personal blockchain that we actually worked for them, and it is shown as a verified job on LinkedIn?

Cybersecurity – if you don’t have 2-factor turned on for everything and use unique passwords on every site you use (aided by a password manager), you’re more likely to be hacked.

Generative AI – start by creating some AI art with platforms such as Midjourney, DALL-E 2, and Stable Diffusion and then head over to ChatGPT to have it write your latest proposal in seconds.

These are just some areas where it will pay to be digitally curious.

All of these topics and more I speak in greater depth in this talk.