You’re on LinkedIn, you have a profile, and you’ve listed your past roles, but that’s no longer enough. LinkedIn has become the number one place for active professionals to get noticed, build their profile, and generate more leads and opportunities.

In this interactive session, Andrew will cover:

• Why LinkedIn matters even more now we’re working more remotely
• How selling has changed and where LinkedIn fits in the sales cycle
• Why LinkedIn has become your digital first impression for every client interaction
• How to leverage your LinkedIn profile with a great banner image, headshot and headline
• Crafting your LinkedIn sections to stand out
• The difference between following and connecting
• Using the “who’s used your profile?” function for best effect
• What the LinkedIn “social selling index” is and how to find out yours
• Tips for generating great LinkedIn content
• A live audit of three brave participant’s LinkedIn profiles

Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn and see how he has put all of these tips into practice on his LinkedIn profile.

Since Andrew joined the site in February 2004 he has been speaking to audiences about how to use it for the best effect. He’s a former Global Managing Partner at IBM, has launched and run 6 start-up businesses, has spoken at 5 TEDx talks, has been on over 550 stages in over 40 countries, and has over 18,500 LinkedIn connections.