The nature of work under AI is about to change, so how can you and your employees adapt and build a human-centric workplace fit for the future? What does work look like in the age of Generative AI?

Watch Andrew’s Points of View on the Future of Work

As a technology futurist, I’m asked all the time, “Andrew, what’s the future of work” and the answer is – “it depends”.

The future workplace has changed forever, in the way that we communicate, collaborate, create, and the way that we innovate.

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When I look at the workplace of the future, I observe it through the lens of the “3P’s” of work: People, Place and Purpose.

First, People.

We need to decode the new hybrid work options with a focus on employee expectations & needs.

Next, Place.

“Place” refers to where the best work gets done.

Does your office environment “earn the commute” and provide a compelling reason to leave the comfort of the home office?

The final P and the most important is Purpose.

Now that Generative AI is available for almost any company, project or platform, how will this influence the new way or working?

The Workplace Of The Future talk concludes with 5 Actionable tips for reimagining work.

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This is my most requested talk, so if you’re interested in knowing how the future workplace will evolve, please get in touch to understand how I can help you and your team.

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