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How can your employees adapt to changes in the nature of work?

The nature of work is changing, and becoming distributed, so how can you and your employees adapt?

How do the different generations get work done, what are the traits linked to each generation, and how can we embrace them as leaders?

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This talk topic answers the question: “What’s the future of work in 2023 and beyond?”

I look at this through the lens of the 3P’s of Work:

First, People.

Now that remote and distributed working has been tried and tested, we can hire the best people from anywhere.

I’ll introduce the concepts of “talent anywhere” and “fractional working”.

Next, Place.

I think “Place” actually refers to where the best work get’s done.

The talk covers how we can ensure that we have the best experience, be that technology, or process wherever we are working.

Finally, we’ll address the most important P – that of Purpose. Why do we go to work?

The talk also covers

• The dynamics of the future workplace
• Why hybrid is here to stay
• The challenges of hybrid
• The changing expectations of work
• The evolving workplace experience
• User experience vs Human-centric experience
• Technology in the workplace
• Meeting Equity 
• Inclusive Audio / Equitable Video / Engaging Content
• Fractional Employment
• Asynchronous working
• Talent Anywhere
• The “Two Tribes”

The Workplace Of The Future talk concludes with 5 Actionable tips for reimagining work.

Like all my topics, the content can be adapted to any audience and delivered in-person or online.

This is my most requested talk, so if you’re interested in knowing how the workplace of the future will evolve, then please do get in touch to understand how I can help you and your team.

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