How can your employees adapt to changes in the nature of work?

The nature of work is changing, becoming distributed, driven by digital, social and mobile, so how can you and your employees adapt?

How do the different generations get work done, what are the traits linked to each generation, and how can we embrace them as an employer?

This talk examines how the workplace is changing and so are the tools available to enable a more collaborative and efficient environment in a post-Covid world.

It also looks at the demands of new tribes of employees such as millennials and Gen Z, while providing advice for Gen X and Baby Boomers on how best to motivate and manage them.

As a keynote speaker on change, Andrew can help you navigate the new working world.

The talk above was delivered at the Business Lincolnshire Go Digital 20 event as a virtual keynote.

The content can be adapted to your audience and delivered in-person or online.