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Reading the Telegraph newspaper on my iPad this morning, I noticed that for the first time they are going to publish an edition on Christmas Day.

What was also interesting was that instead of cranking up the printing presses while everyone is enjoying Christmas, they have decided to publish a digital only version.

Good move as most of the shops in the UK are closed on Christmas Day so it would hard to grab a copy anyway.

The thing that really grabbed my attention was the focus on iPad present recipients – quite smart as I expect there will be thousands of excited iPad recipients on Christmas day wondering what to download next. Click each image for a larger view.


The ads even explain helpfully how to download an app for the first time.

The only catch, for the “free 30 day trial” you have to surrender your credit card details in the hope that you will forget to cancel before the trial is up.

I wonder if this is an experiment to see what the take-up of digital editions is.


With news that Newsweek has printed their final print edition, how long might it be until UK mainstream papers head down the digital only route?

Another example of digital disruption.