Is it just me or do others believe that Influencer marketing has jumped the shark?

A bold statement, but I think I can justify why I believe this to be true in 2017.

Jules Lund from “Influencer Marketplace” Tribe the other day predicted that his influencer platform “will change advertising forever”.

Now I can hear myself and my former competitor Joe Fernandez of Klout saying the same thing back in 2012 about Kred and Klout – but has influencer marketing just become noise?

With Kred it was easy to see people gaming the system, and as CEO I came into contact with many people who may have been great amplifiers but not true influencers.

This is even more pronounced on Instagram where it seems anyone with 1000 followers and a few great fashion/travel/food shots is an instant influencer.

I’m calling BS.

Unless commenters are saying “where can I buy this” rather than “dope bro” & others like the ones shown below then I believe agencies are simply paying for reach and not influence.

Jules is right, his platform will change advertising forever in that there will be more mindless content to get noticed and get paid for among the real marketing messages.

Anyone can be an advertiser but not everyone can be an influencer.

Has influencer marketing jumped the shark?