Do you post LinkedIn updates on a regular basis? Do you tweet on a daily basis? Do you wonder if your posts contain niggling grammatical errors that stand out?

I came across Grammarly a few years ago. It is an excellent tool for writers as it checks both your grammar and spelling as you type on web-based sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and blogs.

It immediately suggests corrections and allows you to fix the copy on the fly.

If you write a blog regularly or post on LinkedIn and thousands see your writing, then you can’t afford to have a simple mistake pop up in your post.

With Grammarly there is now no excuse for posts riddled with grammatical errors, and even if English is your first language, then why not use a tool like Grammarly to polish up your prose before you publish?

I recently provided some constructive feedback for an up-and-coming blogger, and the one thing I suggested was to parse their posts through Grammarly before they published, as some simple grammatical errors were devaluing their posts and their personal brand.

Sadly, they did not take my advice – I am not sure why.

I even used Grammarly to tweak this post and remove the passive voice from one of my sentences – see below.

I stopped using it a while ago and only just reinstalled it, and have paid for the premium service. It now works seamlessly, and there is also an iOS keyboard that allows the service to work on Apple devices.