Do you know what the global transaction speed for Bitcoin is globally? Seven transactions per second – yes SEVEN. In comparison Visa and MasterCard process around 24,000 per second all day every day.

If you didn’t know about the restrictive transaction speeds for Bitcoin you’re not alone. Many have read the hype about blockchain and cryptocurrencies but few seem to read beyond the hype and understand the true promise, and real-world restrictions of these new technologies.

As a Actionable Futurist, I need to know what’s new and what’s next. As I explain below in this 2:30 video recorded at the recent Mercer UK roadshow, I actually bought some Bitcoin to better understand how it all worked.

As I encourage all my audiences – you need to be personally digitally curious to best understand these new platforms and technologies instead of just listening to other opinions.

As I mention in the video, the reason Bitcoin has been so prominent in the media is because it is about money, and people are somewhat greedy – so it gained rapid traction in the press.

Are you investing time (and money) into understanding the technologies your staff may be suggesting you implement?

Better still why not hire me to speak at your next management off-site or customer event as Mercer did to explain these new technologies in an accessible and easy to understand way.