We’ve all heard about 5G or fifth-generation mobile technologies but what is it all about and what does the future hold for 5G?

To help answer this question, The Actionable Futurist™ Andrew Grill spoke to Paul Scanlan who is the CTO of Huawei’s Carrier Business Group.

In this episode, Paul discussed the 5 reasons to trust 5G.

1. No harmful electromagnetic fields

2. 5G is more secure than 4G

3. 5G will spur economic growth

4. 5G will produce less carbon than 4G

5. 5G increases trust in digital systems

We also spoke about:

  • What is 5G and how is it better than 4G?
  • 5G as a platform for transformation
  • Connected cars don’t need 5G
  • Robotics and 5G
  • Telemedicine and 5G
  • Factories and 5G
  • IoT and 5G
  • The positive social impacts of 5G
  • The 5G use cases in 2020
  • Manufacturing and 5G
  • The advantages of 5G over WiFi
  • 5G security
  • Autonomous cars connected by 5G
  • Autonomous cars only roads
  • The most often asked question about Huawei
  • The most often asked question about 5G

3 Things for next week

1. Ask your operator to deploy 5G
2. Buy a 5G phone
3. Turn off 2G and 3G networks

This is a must-listen episode if you want to stay ahead of developments in the 5G and mobile space.