In this time of extreme uncertainty, what can we do to thrive and overcome an unprecedented time in our personal and business life?

Dr Lynn Gribble based her PhD on the psychological underpinnings of the effects of retrenchment – which is thriving in uncertainty. We asked her back onto the show to look at some practical tips we could use during this uncertain time.

Lynn last appeared on Season 1, Episode 8 of the show to look at the future of people management.

On this special episode of the podcast we covered:

  • How do we deal with uncertainty and thrive in an uncertain time?
  • Practical advice on how to set up to work effectively from home
  • – set up your physical space properly
  • – create a routine you can replicate anywhere
  • – create virtual ‘social hours’ for your work colleagues
  • How we will be measured on outputs not time taken to get the work done
  • Tips for managers working with home-based teams
  • Tips for calming the wired worried state
  • Tools to help working online and from home
  • Things can you can do TODAY to help with anxiety around the current environment
  • – focus on what you know
  • – physical activity
  • – think about something that makes you happy
  • – reach out and connect to people

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