The Actionable Futurist® Andrew Grill explained on the Codestone Webinar – “The Future-ready office of the CFO” how generative AI platforms such as ChatGPT might be used in the enterprise to provide predictions on all aspects of a company’s operations.

The current versions of ChatGPT have been trained on public data such as web links, books and Wikipedia, but what if it was trained on enterprise data? The real promise for Generative AI will come when it is able to sensitively, securely, legally and ethically access corporate data to help organisations solve issues in seconds, not weeks.

As with all my clients, I encourage them to become more digitally curious and play with the technology themselves to better understand how it may fit with their particular business and industry.

At the recent Codestone Group event for CFOs, I explained how ChatGPT worked on public data, and then addressed the opportunity for EnterpriseGPT.

Many companies are working on this at the moment, with one of the most pressing challenges being to assemble data into a format that is meaningful, and readable by AI systems.

As The Actionable Futurist, it is my job to imagine a near-term future where the mundane or complex queries asked of departments such as the CFO office are handled by AI.

If you’ve ever been asked a question by a senior manager such as “what’s the best performing product in EMEA and what colour should we push for the next quarter?”, you know that to answer this you have to sift through multiple sources of data, access different systems and talk across departments.

Instead, if Generative AI could answer this question based on reliable internal data, then you could instead spend your time on more strategic projects.

In the video above, I look first at how ChatGPT actually works (the answer may surprise you) as well as the promise of Enterprise AI.

If you’d like to know more about what’s coming next in this space, then why not have me come and speak to your senior leadership team?