With AI reaching  peak-hype thanks to ChatGPT and the sudden rush to launch AI projects, companies may be ignoring a fundamental question – is your data AI ready?

As I explain in the short clip above from the AIPC Annual Conference held in Luxembourg, there are 5 fundamental questions that need to be asked before you jump feet-first into an AI project of any size.

Only when you get a handle on what state your data is in, who has access, and the rights to use it will you be in a place to start considering an AI project.

The quality of an AI model will depend on the data used to train it, and if it is not in an AI-ready format, then time and money will be exhausted until it can be used in an efficient way.

One such model that is in use for several Generative AI projects is a Large Language Model or LLM.

Large language models largely represent a class of deep learning architectures called transformer networks. ChatGPT stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer.

A transformer model is a neural network that learns context and meaning by tracking relationships in sequential data, just like the words in this sentence.

While transformer models are more resilient to data that has not been completely qualified, having data in a format and structure ready for LLM training can reduce the time and cost of training new models.

So – who in your organisation will be tasked with asking the question: Is our data AI-ready?