With Generative AI poised to flood the internet with endless, mindless content, how can you use it to cut through the noise and get your message into the market? To answer this, I spoke with Tom Coombes, Vanja Lakic and Larissa Padden from leading Communications company Cognito on their “Cogcast” podcast show.

Tom and Yvonne Maher invited me to speak at their Future of Communications event in May 2023 for key Financial Services clients, where I looked at the opportunities for AI in communications, and this podcast expands on the event and looks at topics such as ethics, how to stay ahead with the multitude of tools, and we debated the opportunity for communications companies to produce carefully crafted “Handmade PR, assisted by AI”.

We also looked at how Cognito is experimenting with AI, advising clients and accounting for growing risks and why humans will still play a central role in AI’s potential and what the next six months look like for Cognito and the PR industry.

It’s a great listen.