My “AI World tour” continues – last week was Dubai, and this week I’m in Rotterdam to keynote at the FEDESSA – Federation of European Self Storage Associations Conference and Trade Show.

I’ll be looking at the Technological changes that will impact companies involved in the self storage industry and how they can stay ahead.

The video above gives you a sneak peek of my Dubai keynote for Discover Global Network, Manchester for the Vistage Worldwide, Inc. Executive Summit, Luxembourg for AIPC, and Abu Dhabi for the G42 supercharged event.

Given the global nature of these events, I’m uniquely positioned to hear the concerns and expectations from a range of companies when it comes to AI.

It is fair to say that ChatGPT’s arrival almost 12 months ago has been the catalyst for every organisation to discuss AI, and my keynotes have urged caution and provided actionable advice when it comes to the implementation, cost, ESG, regulation and security of AI projects.

Every business I’ve spoken to will be impacted in some way by AI, and by staying digitally curious, you can ensure you’re ready, personally and professionally.

I’ve curated all of my AI assets in one place on my AI HUB and this is a hopefully helpful resource of content, podcasts and video replays of my AI talks.

If I can help you navigate this new world of AI, please contact me.