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AI Keynote Speaker Actionable Futurist Andrew Grill is an expert at explaining AI’s opportunities and threats. Artificial Intelligence has been around since the 1950’s but why is it all of a sudden being discussed from the classroom to the boardroom?

To help you make sense of this new technology, this AI Hub serves as a single source of AI-related information, including keynotes, workshops and podcasts.

The rise of AI has been fuelled by the launch of Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourney, which has removed the friction of explaining how AI works. It is now easy for you, your customers, and your executives to try out AI models without being a programmer or data scientist.

As the Actionable Futurist®, Andrew Grill can provide advice and education in various formats.

Artificial Intelligence Executive Briefing

Andrew can provide a 45-60 minute keynote with 30 minute Q&A on AI and the opportunities and threats. Below is an example of a fireside chat held at leading Law Firm RPC during London Tech Week in 2023.

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Artificial Intelligence Masterclass

Andrew can provide a half-day or full-day masterclass on AI, covering subjects as:

• The different types of AI
• AI uses in specific industries
• New AI platforms, such as Generative AI
• Review of existing AI tools available
• The responsible use of AI
• AI Ethics and risk considerations
• The importance of good quality training data
• AI uses in your industry
• Opportunities for AI in your company
• Facilitated workshop to derive candidates for a proof of concept
• Actionable next steps
• List of AI resources

An example of this was a recent AI Masterclass Andrew delivered for Grafton Group Senior Leaders.

Artificial Intelligence Podcast Series

Andrew’s top-rated podcast series The Actionable Futurist Podcast has covered a range of AI topics, presented below.

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Artificial Intelligence Futurist Points of View

Andrew can provide a unique view of AI around subjects such as

  • What is Generative AI?
  • Uses of Generative AI
  • Is your data AI-ready?
  • The need for critical thinking
  • Responsible use of AI
  • Regulation issues for AI
  • Dealing with bias in AI
  • ChatGPT as the “Always on Intern”
  • The Future of Generative AI
  • Actionable Tips for exploring Generative AI
  • Utilising your two tribes to better understand AI
  • The link between AI and Data to dive a sustainability program
  • Questions to ask before starting an AI project

Why not book Andrew to provide actionable advice that can be put into place the same day when it comes to better understanding the power of AI, or see his range of other speaking topics on the keynote topics page.


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