I used to be a huge QR code sceptic. In 2017 Apple and others included a QR code reader in the native camera app, and the onset of Covid when you had to use a QR code to get into most venues changed all that. The friction of usage and adoption was removed forever.

Lately, I’ve been using QR codes in my live presentations, and it has proved to be very useful on a number of levels.

Covid had a strange side effect in that it was probably the one thing that forced everyone to understand what a QR code was and how to scan them – even my parents became QR code converts.

In my talks, I provide a lot of information and also tell my audience that all of the links and resources I mentioned will be on a QR code at the end.

If you use these codes in your business – consider implementing some of these initiatives

1. Each QR code is different and uses my brand colours – I use the website “QR code monkey” to generate and customise these codes

2. Track each and every code – I use my futurist.click short link to redirect the codes to a specific link or page on my website

3. Use a UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) on your destination URL to track each campaign

4. If providing a “link tree” of links, send them to YOUR website so you get extra traffic and they can browse other items on your site

5. Use the QR code overtly in your marketing – I have it on the last slide of every talk

Some interesting things happened when I started using these QR codes in my talk.

While I can judge if a talk was well received by the number of people who approach me afterwards and comment or ask a question, there is no better indication than when the WHOLE AUDIENCE point their phones at your slide to scan the code.

As I track each code with a campaign UTM tracking code, I can see the people who access the resources page weeks after the talk – I have a snapshot of the last few weeks of my talks in the video – almost 600 people present at my talks have accessed my resources page and many have explored other parts of my site – which is why I don’t use a 3rd party “link tree” type service.

I was using a 3rd party site – and this was helping their branding, not mine. I had my web developer add a small piece of code to allow me to mirror the simple link presentation style, and now visitors hit my site, and I get all the stats and the traffic.

So QR codes can now be very useful – and more so if you customise each one and ensure you’re capturing the traffic and analytics.

Try my QR code below or click on this link to understand how I use QR codes in my talks.