So we’ve had nearly a year to play with ChatGPT and see the power of Generative AI trained on public data, but what about the enterprise? At a recent The Quorum Network breakfast hosted by Janine Stow, I was asked how companies might leverage data that is more suited to their industry.

In this short video above, I explained how companies such as Luminance are developing enterprise and industry-specific Large Language Models or LLMs. My answer also included a prediction that in the near-term future, we will be seeing more industry LLMs and this may become an area of competition where the best industry LLM will be used and fine-tuned with company data, securely and within a company cloud.

You can learn more about what companies such as Luminance are doing on a recent episode of the Actionable Futurist Podcast, where I spoke with Jaeger Glucina here.

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