Unusually, I’m a Futurist with a strong technical background, which means that when any new technology emerges, I’m able to quickly understand the benefits and opportunities for my clients. From an early age, I was experimenting with electronic circuits, performing experiments with my father before building short-wave radios and burglar alarms with a 100-in-1 electronic kit.

Fast forward to 2000, and I was first labelled a futurist during a “webisode” (we’d now call it a webinar from Telstra, where the interviewer introduced me as a Futurist.

I’ve worked for innovative engineering companies such as British Aerospace, designed communication equipment for the Australian Army, pioneered the use of location technologies for Vodafone and ran the influencer company Kred before working as a Global Managing Partner at IBM.

What does this mean for you? I’m not just talking about futurist predictions of what might happen with new technologies; I’m using my 30+ years of experience as a technologist who’s actually worked with innovative new technologies.

This means I can bring a fresh and real-world view of new technologies, such as AI, to you and your teams and ensure that you leave my talks brimming with energy, new ideas and an action plan for next week.