Pre-order Digitally Curious: Your Simple Guide to Navigating the Future of AI and Beyond to be published in September 2024 by Wiley.

“A straightforward and accessible explainer of new and upcoming technologies for business leaders”.

“A self-help book for the technically overwhelmed”.

Fellow curious minds, I am thrilled to announce the pre-order availability of my latest book, Digitally Curious. This book is a culmination of countless hours of research, passion, and dedication to delivering valuable insights into technology that is impacting our work and our lives.


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More on the book

Why am I writing this book? Business leaders crave simple explanations of current and future technologies alongside practical examples of how leading companies are deploying these today. Ideas and examples provided in Digitally Curious will help the reader better understand technologies they are responsible for but may not fully understand. Relevant business concepts, such as the future of work, will be examined from a technical and human-centric view. Andrew will cover a broad range of current and upcoming technologies and platforms, each with examples relevant to any business.

Key benefits: Recent and relevant examples are explained in an accessible way from interviews with leaders across a wide range of fields. Actionable insights are provided at the end of every chapter, with short links to further information and resources for the reader on a dedicated website authored by a 30-year technology veteran.

How will this book help you? Business leaders are being bombarded by new technology terms, apps and platforms daily. When trying to run a business or division, keeping up with new technologies can be difficult. Those leaders who become digitally curious are more likely to grasp these concepts earlier and take advantage of them, beating their competitors and becoming more successful on a personal and professional level.

Why this business book? Many books on the future cover topics many years away, often out of the practical grasp of leaders who need to close the quarter or plan for the upcoming year. They lack actionable insights that can be put into play

To stay up to date with many of the topics to be addressed in the book, listen to my podcast, The Actionable Futurist Podcast.