Digitally Curious is a show all about the near-term future with practical and actionable advice from a range of global experts to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Running since 2019, the show is hosted by former IBM Global Managing Partner Andrew Grill, who has over 30 years of experience in the technology industry.

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“He is one of the most detailed and knowledgeable presenters we’ve come across in the business and tech podcast scene in the UK. Our clients are always impressed when speaking with him” – Hotwire Global

“Everyone is over the moon with how the interview panned out, and love the content” – The Hoffman Agency

“Andrew is a fantastic interviewer and if you haven’t listened to one of his podcasts, may I suggest you start with this one?” – Richard Hopkins, IBM

Great show, Andrew Grill is amazing! You get so many valuable tips and techniques on here!” – Podcast listener

Every episode answers the question, “what’s the future of … ?” with voices and opinions that need to be heard. The show is hosted from London by leading Futurist Speaker Andrew Grill and is currently in its fifth season, running since 2019.

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