17 May 2019 @ 19:00 – 20:00 Europe/London Timezone

In the 1st episode of the Actionable Futurist Podcast, I spoke with Impacttologist Martin Brooks about the Future of Communication. Recorded in London May 2019. Listen to all Podcast episodes on the Podcast page with links to listen or subscribe via your favourite podcast platform. For more information on Martin and a full transcript of the episode, head to the Episode 1 page.

In this show we covered a range of topics:

  • What is an Impacttologist and who would hire one?
  • What levers can you pull to make you a better communicator and maximise your impact?
  • How we communicate in a world without face-to-face communication (eg messaging apps, Skype etc)?
  • Tips to become a better presenter
  • Tips to communicate more effectively in conference calls
  • How persuaders are irreplaceable and how those with these skills will transcend the threats from AI
  • 3 Suggestions for next week
  • What’s been the greatest technology threat/opportunity for your business?