3 June 2019 @ 10:00 – 11:00 Europe/London Timezone

In Episode 2 we speak with Minter Dial about AI and Ethics, following on from the launch of his new book “Heartificial Empathy” and understand what companies can do to be more empathetic.

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In this show we covered a range of topics:

  • What is “Heartificial empathy”?
  • The need for empathy in business
  • Can we create empathy in a machine?
  • Feeling vs cognitive empathy
  • Ethics in AI
  • Avoiding conscious bias
  • How can we learn to be more empathetic?
  • The case for reading great novels
  • Empathy as a key competitive advantage
  • The rise of the “Empathy Index”
  • 3 Practical tips for next week