Capita Future Focus – Digital Disruption with Andrew Grill

  • 22 July 2019

Futurist Keynote Speaker Andrew Grill spoke to Capita IT about Digital Transformation.

Digital disruption is having a profound effect on businesses and organisations. It’s not just about sales channels, everything from production lines to service desks to physical infrastructure has been disrupted by new and innovative use of technology. Those that see the opportunities and take them, are reaping huge rewards.

Andrew was interviewed by Capita IT and Networks about what it means to be The Actionable Futurist® and how companies can embrace digital and defend the threats from digital disruption.

In a wide-ranging conversation, Christa Elizabeth Norton from Capita IT and Networks and Andrew discussed how the word “digital” has become overused and how companies and in particular leaders need to be more curious about digital.

They also looked at the need for digital diversity and I explained my mantra “to get digital you need to be digital” with some practical examples.

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