Engineers Australia Spring Forward Episode 1: Aurrigo Autonomous Vehicles

  • 18 July 2021

When we hear the phrase “autonomous vehicles”, for many of our first thought is of driverless cars. Coventry, UK based company Aurrigo, has developed a range of autonomous vehicles for a range of different industries.

From autonomous baggage dollies being used by British Airways at Heathrow Airport to a four-seat autonomous pod designed for first and last-mile transportation in urban areas, or a shuttle in use at the University of Cambridge’s West Cambridge campus, Aurrigo has become a leader in the provision of innovative transport solutions.

In the first of the Thought LEADERS Spring Forward series, Andrew Grill, a former Engineer from Adelaide, now Futurist in London interviewed Professor David Keene CEng, CEO of Arrigo.

This Webinar focused on the innovative technology developed by the Team at Aurrigo, as well as how they overcame supply chain issues during lockdown, including why Aurrigo decided to set up a base in Adelaide to reduce the time to market.

Professor Keane is not only a gifted Engineer but also a thought leader in this emerging space.

More on the Aurrigo, Vodafone and AWS Edge trial can be found here

Key Takeaways

• How Aurrigo went from a University research team to a global company
• How Autonomous vehicles are able to supplement existing transport solutions in multiple industries
• How Engineers are uniquely able to solve a range of complex business problems by using first principle thinking
• The opportunity for global trade for Aurrigo’s products and services particularly between UK and Australia
• How Aurrigo is harnessing the forces of nature for the greater good of mankind
• What the future of work looks like for Engineers in a distributed work environment
• What will be the “new normal” in 2022 and beyond