Engineers Australia Spring Forward Episode 2: GHD Advisory

  • 26 August 2021

In the second of our Spring Forward Webinar series, where we examine how Engineers go beyond the theory and go back to first principles to help solve real-world problems, we will be speaking with Richard Fechner, President of GHD Advisory, alongside Matthew East an Executive Advisor for Infrastructure Policy based in the UK.

GHD Advisory aligns strongly with the Engineering profession and is committed to bringing their full capacity to produce sustainable commercial outcomes for those that create and operate the world’s infrastructure and manage the world’s resources.

The group draws upon commercial, engineering, and digital transformation know-how from a pool of 10,000 engineers and consultants worldwide to re-define challenges, create value and bring a competitive edge for their clients.

In this webinar, The Actionable Futurist™ Andrew Grill will explore a range of topics to highlight how Engineers have the flexibility and foundation to move with the times. We will be examining how the Advisory practice that Richard leads has grown from an Australian operation and in under five years has a global presence and clients in Asia Pacific, Middle East, North America and the UK.

The rapid growth has been fuelled by the desire from clients to create solutions tailored to the global challenges and design problems they face. One area the webinar will explore is how Engineers not only need to come up with an innovative solution but also one that is economically viable – and this is where the foundation skills of analytics and problem solving is invaluable.


  • How to design economically viable engineering solutions
  • How Engineers can move with the times and adapt to changing business condition
  • How a consulting + engineering mindset drives new value for clients rather than just responding to engineering and technology needs
  • Why Engineers are well positioned for new opportunities driven by the pandemic
  • How engineering and business skills can be brought together
  • What is the future of Engineering?

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