Engineers Australia Spring Forward Episode 4: Scantek

  • 13 January 2022

When it comes to onboarding new employees, have you ever considered all of the identity checks required? Do they have the right qualifications, citizenship status, visa, security clearance and vaccination status? In many cases, this can be a very manual process. Australian Company Scantek has figured out a way of using technology to automate many of these tasks, providing the user and the employer with an easy-to-use solution.

I had the opportunity to interview the CEO and co-founder of the company Ches Rafferty live from Australia at the Engineers Australia Spring Forward series in front of a live audience at the Royal Over-Seas League in London, as well as online.

You can watch highlights from the event below.

To help better understand this ever-changing identity landscape our fourth  Spring Forward speaker series was held at 7pm on January 13th at the Royal Over-Seas League next to Green Park in London.

Once again, The Actionable Futurist®, Andrew Grill asked questions of Ches Rafferty, the Managing Director and Co-founder of Scantek who will be appearing live from Perth, Australia.

The session answered issues such as:

• Why during the pandemic employee identification and verification has become mission-critical
• How a simple nightclub age verification app morphed into a world-leading identity verification platform
• How AI, Machine learning and Biometric Facial Recognition technologies can work together
• How different industries are approaching the need for employee and customer identification
• The future of identity solutions and how “sovereign identity” will become key
• How you and your firm should be approaching issues around identification and verification

If you are not able to make the event in person, you can also grab a virtual ticket and watch the livestream or a recorded replay.

Your Host

This is my fourth collaboration with the Engineers Australia UK chapter. For each event, I have produced the show, developed the topic and questions, interviewed the guests live and also live-streamed the whole event.

If you are looking for someone who can host your event and who deeply understands the impact of changing technology on business and society, then please get in touch to see how we might collaborate

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