G42 Supercharged 2023 Annual Employees Forum

  • 22 June 2023
  • Marina Hall, Abu Dhabi

Andrew provided the closing keynote at the G42 Annual Employees Forum in Abu Dhabi.

His inspirational address, “Disrupt or be disrupted” looked at the need to Disrupt before you are Disrupted while staying Digitally Curious.

The audience consisted of 700 of G42’s most senior leaders from across their portfolio companies.

G42 is a global leader in creating visionary artificial intelligence capabilities for a better tomorrow. Born in Abu Dhabi and operating around the world, G42 champions AI as a powerful force for good. Its people are constantly reimagining what technology can do, applying advanced thinking and innovation to accelerate progress and tackle society’s most pressing problems.

G42 is driving change in the region and beyond, joining forces with nations, corporations and individuals to create the infrastructure for tomorrow’s world. From molecular biology to space exploration and everything in between, G42 realizes exponential possibilities today.

  • Time : 17:00 - 18:00 (Asia/Dubai)

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