Globinar – Global Chamber NYC & London: Cross Metro Meetup – The tale of two sister cities

  • 23 September 2021

Globinar GC New York City and GC London

Global Chamber® is delighted to present our upcoming event between London & New York; A tale of two sister cities.

New York and London are deemed the most influential cities in the world, and according to Globalization and World Cities Research Network (2020), New York and London remain Alpha ++ ranked in the world based on cultural and political influence, although it is important to note economic factors are the most important consideration. New York and London are the primary nodes in the global economic network and with this in mind, there is deep-seeded responsibility for the two cities to unite and form alliances to influence collaboration.

To celebrate the launch of our annual flagship event, New York and London Global Chambers are combining forces to engage in conversation with global leaders within the financial services sector to discuss the opportunities and challenges global business will face as we embark on a joint mission to reach our cities already ambitious goal to reach zero emissions targets by 2040.

Hundreds of businesses globally are pledging their commitment and taking collective action to work towards a safe and healthy planet for the next generations, but change can be challenging and costly. As global business embarks on this journey of transformation, we look to provide a platform to form alliances with our industry leaders, expert guidance and support.

The Actionable Futurist™, Andrew Grill was joined by a panel of experts from London and New York including:

Peter Sexton – Director of the Global Financial Services Team and Senior International Trade Specialist for the U.S. Department of Commerce in New York City

Andrew Howlett – Manager of Partnerships at Cambridge Global Payments

Richard Singleton – Finance Director Menzies LLP in London

With Moderators

Kathleen Keith, Executive Director, Global Chamber – London
Susan Assadi, Executive Director, Global Chamber – New York

Global Chamber® is a growing and collaborating community of CEOs, executives and leaders in 525 metro regions around the world… connecting member businesses to new opportunities and advancing growth and success.

It’s the only chamber of commerce in the world operating in hundreds of locations that helps exporting, importing and investing members to connect through warm introductions to clients, partners, projects and resources. Global Chamber® is a registered trademark of Global Chamber, LLC.

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